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Maximizing Your Productivity at a Virtual Job Fair

Veterans and diverse professional job seekers are invited to attend Employment Seeker's job fairs. You will meet top employers online specifically interested in your multicultural and/or language skills, Be prepared to meet recruiters on-online including exporting electronic resume! Admission is free for job seekers. Read below for more information on our  virtual job fairs.

How to Maximize Your Productivity

Prepare a target list of companies by researching their job opportunities on

Learn as much as you can about their business, products and services, personnel, and technology.

Make sure your resume is tailored to highlight your ability to succeed in your desired position(s).

Have resume ready to upload

Be energetic and upbeat when speaking with the hiring manager!


Q. How do I pre-register?
A. Simply log into the Employment Seekers website, create an account, and add your resume into the Employment Seeker resume database. If you already have your resume on Employment Seeker, you do not have to re-enter your information.

Q. Are there entry-level positions available?
A. Absolutely! Our employing companies are looking for a wide variety of qualified applicants. Be sure to research the company(s) you are interested in so you have the opportunity to speak with the hiring manager. If you can't attend the on-line event, you can also have unlimited access to all employers including exporting electronic resumes

Q. Who gets to see my resume?
A. Only the companies that attend Employment Seeker virtual job fairs event will have access to your information.

Q. Can I contact companies before the event?
A. We encourage it! If you find a position you are interested in and qualified for, apply directly through Employment Seeker. However, obviously nothing takes the place of actually speaking to the recruiter online.

Q: How are candidates notified about your events?
A: We notify candidates through email, online advertising, print advertising, community relationships and social media

Q: Who is the typical candidate at your events?
A: A typical candidate at our event is actively seeking a job, and prepared with a professional resume.

Q: How many candidates attend your events?
A: Markets vary in terms of the number of candidates that attend career fairs based on demographics and population. On average, we have 500+ experienced veterans and diverse candidates attending our events.

Have another question about our Virtual Expos for job seekers? Contact us at (678) 467-5427 in McDonough, Georgia, for the answer!

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