Finding New Remote Opportunities in a Pandemic

When the world responded to the pandemic, many workers suddenly found themselves without an income. Companies slashed budgets, some postponed projects, and others closed their doors for good. As a result, it can feel like when you lost your role in a tumultuous climate, all hope was lost. However, there are still opportunities out there. We’ve put together some resources to help you breathe new life into your remote work career.

Evaluate Your Space

What is your home workspace like? Does it allow you to thrive, or does it get in the way of your productivity? Ensure your office area is tailored toward ensuring your success, rather than hindering it.

Fully separating your workspace allows you to focus on work while you’re working and on your family when you aren’t.

When designing your home office, HomeAdvisor points out that you can tailor the area to mesh with your work habits and lifestyle.

Ensure you have all the tech gear and gadgets you need to perform tasks and connect with employers efficiently.

Add the tools and apps potential employers often use, and get familiar with them so you can meet them on their own turf.

Aim for Ultimate Desirability

How will you attract the next gig or big client? What do you have to offer that makes you stand out from the competition? If there are ways to hone your skills or shine your light brighter, now is the time to do the polishing.

Consider taking an online course or two to improve or broaden your skill set.

Spruce up your resume to highlight your strengths.

Likewise, beef up your cover letter by making it more succinct and tailoring it to your target employers.

Get comfortable with an interviewing process that adheres to social distancing guidelines.

Build your personal brand with a consistent message across a variety of channels.

Connect With Help

You might try everything you can think of and not make any progress on the job front. If you hit a wall, keep in mind that you don’t need to go it alone. There are professionals available to help you through any hurdles so you find your dream job, and you can connect with them virtually, just like you would an employer.

Does it seem like you aren’t getting responses to your resume, or you never get beyond a first interview? If you seem stuck, U.S. News explains that a career coach can help you find the weak spots and make improvements to your presentation.

Consider unique self-marketing methods, like building your own brand through videos. You can even hire a specialist for YouTube marketing to help you with your outreach.

Hiring a headhunter can also be an effective solution if you find yourself waylaid in finding your next role.

While the job market has shifted in response to the pandemic, that doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities. Make sure you have an efficient workspace, spruce up your job-hunting presentation, and connect with professionals who can lend you a hand as needed. Soon, you’ll be in your next remote role, and this hiccup will be a thing of the past.